Wedding Chicken

My favorite and very easy chicken recipe. I don’t know what its original name used to be, or if it even had one. Its been known as wedding chicken all my life! My grandma once made this dish for a wedding, totaling over 100 baking dishes…so ever since it’s been known as ‘Wedding Chicken’. 

Lets get started!

Seasoned chicken

Don’t skimp on the butter now!


Add the wine, but be sure to save a glass (or two) for you.

Time to bake

The chicken is seasoned and ready for the oven. Oh, and your house will smell wonderful once it starts baking!

The smell makes your mouth water

Remove after the first hour of baking, marry the potatoes with chicken. Halfway done.

Bake one more hour.


Remove from the oven and enjoy!

Wedding Chicken
1 package each, chicken thighs and drumsticks
2 potatoes diced, red or brown (your choice) with skin on
5 tablespoons (approximately) butter
1 bottle of Chardonnay
1 cup soy sauce
Salt, pepper, paprika, and garlic powder

1. Heat oven to 350°
2. In a large baking dish (you may need two) place clean washed chicken spaced out. Add slices of butter to each chicken piece then season with salt, pepper, paprika, and garlic powder. 
3. Add wine to baking dish until approximately ½” deep, then pour in soy sauce.
4. Cover with tin foil and place in oven for 1 hour.
5. Remove baking dish from oven, discard the foil. Add chunks of potatoes around the chicken. Lower oven temperature to 325°, cook chicken uncovered for 1 additional hour.
6. Remove chicken from the oven, serve hot!


Cheryl said...

That sounds good! I'm always looking for new chicken recipes, and I bet my house would smell amazing!

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lexlocilori said...

That looks really good. I am def. going to make this. Thanks for sharing!

Shel at Dreamy Nest said...

That looks good and yummy. Easy, too. I think I'll try this soon!! Thank you!!

Room to Inspire said...

This looks super yummy! I will definitely try this one soon - thanks!