China Cabinet Inspiration

The journey of the china cabinet has been a long one, and I’m happy to say its almost finished! You can see the progress here and here. My vision of the china cabinet has completely changed since it was purchased off Craigslist many months ago.

Originally I was going to stain the oak a dark ebony, but once I stained the door I didn’t like how it turned out. So I moved on to plan B, and I’ll reveal that plan later. 

Don't mind my garage clutter

Now that its about to make a home in my dining room I need to fill it with something, oh and what about hardware?

SB160 Somerset Bay

johnjacob John Jacob Interiors

johnjacob2John Jacob Interiors 

I feel so inspired! How does your china cabinet look inside, strictly china or do you have other personal artifacts?

I’m also replacing the hardware on my china cabinet I want something fun and unique. I’ve been eyeing Anthropologies collection, along with many others. Its so difficult to choose!



870018_cre_b 770330_cre_b
                                                             Anthropologie hardware

So what do you think? Have a great week! xo


Debbi said...

I love Anthropologie's hardware! Something with a little color could be cool! It will depend on the final finish. I'm so jealous that you are actually refinishing a china cabinet. I'v always wanted to do that but I'm too lazy. I have china, pitchers, salt and pepper shakers and some antiques in my china cabinet. None of it matches. Here is a link to the picture.

Shel at Dreamy Nest said...

I love that china cabinet! Now you've got me wondering what you're going to do with it. :)

That hardware is gorgeous! It'd be hard to choose. I love it all!

I've got china, steins, wine glasses, vases, etc in my china cabinet {an antique I inherited and love}. I think you can put ANYTHING in a china cabinet. LOL

Christina said...

Love the hardware. I am about to redo a dresser and need to get some cool hardware for it.

Love your blog, I'm stopping by from SITS!