Love, Grandpa

I few months ago I had asked my grandfather to paint a picture for my new house. I wanted the painting to be of the countryside, just something I could look at and be reminded where I grew up. After months of sketching, and painting, the piece was finished.

Today, I went to their home to see the painting for the first time since it was a sketch!

My painting

Isn’t it just beautiful, my grandpa is truly an amazing artist. I’m glad I inherited his artistic traits.

My grandparents home is filled with his paintings and amazing crafts.

Christmas painting

Like this Christmas painting. Every year my grandfather paints a Christmas-like art, then has the painting printed on canvas to go along with his Christmas card for the family. I stole a sneak peak!

Art for my grandmother

These beautiful Birch trees along the hill has been my grandmothers favorite for years. He painted this one in 1977!

Lovely flowers

Elegant blue and purple flowers in a vase.


Not only does he paint lovely art, but he carves objects out of wood and then paints them. Like this fish!

Blue flowers

Blue flowers - real life

Aren’t these little wild flowers cute? He painted them with inspiration right from his yard.

The country

I just love the art he painted for me, it reminds me of home and my childhood! Do you have anything in your home that reminds you of your childhood?


pve design said...

Wonderful, your Grandpa is a keeper.

lexlocilori said...

That is awesome. Love the Christmas scene!

Debbi said...

Oh I love the picture! What a great piece to have in your home. Something with so much meaning and love. Those are the pieces that you tell your grandchildren about. I have a few things from my childhood in my home, but mainly have pieces that were my grandparents. I think of them whenever I see the pieces.

Seizing My Day said...

So touching!!! I love them! He is very talented... what special treasures those will be for years to come! =)

Shel at Dreamy Nest said...

WOW! He is talented! I love that painting that he did for you... so very special! Definitely treasures to pass down through the years.