Wild Flowers in the Country

Wild flowers

Aren’t the wild flowers just beautiful? My other half, Andrew and I spent a recent spring afternoon at my grandparents secluded haven.

The view

This is the amazing view they have! The beautiful ranch is where I grew up, and a place I will inherit. Its just about the perfect place to have a family.

At the tree line there is a small stream, and just beyond that is the South Fork of the American River, with world renown rapids.


The trail down to the river is about 1 mile, once you see this view at the top if the trail its worth the trek. Driving is also an option, however it was one beautiful spring day! (At the end I wasn’t saying “its a beautiful spring day” more like “its a really hot spring day”.)

Purple FlowersWild flowers at the river bed. 


American River

Pink flowersMore wild flowers along the trail. 

After a hike back up the trail, I was ready to kick my feet up! It had been a long time since I’ve visited the river on foot.

But you know grandparents, and there they were at the door welcoming us once again with cold water and a bowl of ice cream.


Shel at Dreamy Nest said...

Gorgeous pictures and I LOVE wildflowers. They are beautiful! And your pictures turned out great!

B said...

Hi! Love your photos, those wild flowers are gorgeous :O) Thanks for stopping by my place. Have a great weekend.

B x