Spring in the Sierra

Manzanita in the Snow

We had our first spring heat wave, and the city was entirely too warm so we headed east! I’m probably being a little dramatic about the weather, but Andrew and I couldn’t let a beautiful day in the mountains go to waste. (Plus the rain is already back again.)

Snowboarding... I was Andrew’s dedicated photographer for the day while he snowboarded.

Snowshoes Me and My Clif Bar I submitted this picture to Clif Bar & Company

The snow is beautiful, but I’m ready for the warm summer sunshine. Check back soon because I’m taking a trip home to my roots…the country!


Anonymous said...

Your photographs are beautiful! Did Clif Bar like your picture?

Shel at Dreamy Nest said...

Well, I left a comment - but it disappeared!

I love your pix - girl, you've got talent! Have you heard back from the Clif Bar peeps?

Wanted to let you know, too, that I tried to e-mail you today in response to a comment you left over at my place. I don't think you have an e-mail addy associated with your profile in Blogger though because I didn't have an e-mail addy to reply to you to. :(