Lamp Redo (Good and Bad)

The original

A few months ago I bought a lamp at my local thrift store. It was semi livable so I didn’t paint or touch it for months. Until recently!

I’m going to start off with the good and ease into the bad.

Ready for primer


I started with the base, primed it then painted a glossy pure white.

I love glossy white 

The base came out perfect, just how I pictured.

Now on to the shade…

I found this fabric in the remnants section at the fabric store, 2 ½ yards for only 88¢. So far everything is coming together.

Pretty fabric

I cut the fabric to match the existing shade, and glued it all together. I used a hot glue gun, do not do this. Instead use fabric glue like Janell says.

Almost done...

At this point I was very happy with how the new shade was coming out. So I decided to place it next to the lamp to see how it was all coming together.


Something was just off! Not what I pictured, so I left it for a few hours to see if it would start to grow on me.

I want my old lamp shade back!

It didn’t grow on me, so I ripped it apart. At least I tried to, but that damn hot glue was not on my side.

Plan B) Keep the beautiful white lamp base, remove or try to remove the glued on fabric. Recover the shade again with pure white fabric.

A fix for the meantime

Plan B worked, and will work until I find a new white lamp shade altogether. Once I removed a majority of the first fabric I was wishing I never would have done this. But I wanted this done and over with, so I recovered the shade in plain white linen.

I ended up having to double up the fabric because the lumps from the hot glue gun and old fabric pieces were showing through.

I can live with this for a little while

And guess what? You can still see the lumps. The lamp shade is a flop and I wont be doing this anytime real soon.

But I’m going to end this on a positive note and leave you to admire my lovely lamp base!

White lamp base

Love this!

The only good from this project.

Have a great week!


Shel at Dreamy Nest said...

*teehee* I'm sorry. I'm laughing WITH you - I promise. I love moments like these when things don't turn out like you expect. :)
Lesson learned. Thanks for learning this one for me. I woulda used a hot glue gun, too. I love the lamp base - and the white lumpy shade ain't too shabby either.

lexlocilori said...

I liked the first cover :) The lamp is cute too.