A Day Around the Lake

Living in Northern California definitely has its perks! Beautiful Lake Tahoe is less than 1 hour away from my house, so Andrew and I travel there at least once a week or more.

Its something about the atmosphere there, everyone is so happy…maybe because everyone is on vacation. During the winter months streets are lined with snowboarders and skiers getting of the mountain,  and during the summer the beaches are packed!


 Zephyr Cove, NV


M.S. Dixie II

Highways and roads hug the shores around the entire lake, during the winter majority of the west slope is closed due to the snow. Causing people to drive through the Nevada side if you want to get to North Shore or vise versa.

So what some people would say is a pain, and completely out of their way…we enjoy driving the extra hour to North shore. Although we tacked on an extra 30 minutes by taking the wrong route.

If your trying to get from South Shore to North and your traveling through Nevada, stay away from the Highway 50 turn off or as the locals call it, Spooner Pass. Spooner pass is a 15 minute down hill grade with no turn offs or turnarounds. So your pretty much stuck until you hit Carson City, NV (beginning of the desert).

Lets just say we’ve learned our lesson, and we promise to visit North shore more often.

Once we arrived, we played in the fresh snow!



We ended our day around the lake with some hot soup from the Evergreen Restaurant in Tahoe City.


B Sparkly said...

“Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest” Great pic:)

pve design said...

Your photos are lovely. I can relate to your citified country girl heart.