Getting Our Jamba On

Have you tried the new(ish) Ideal Meals at Jamba Juice lately? They're delicious and worth the $5. Well, I kind of have an addiction to them those $5 are adding up. Quickly!

How hard can it be to make these little things? So I pulled out the blender and headed to the store, I purchased all the ingredients for under $15. (See recipe below.)


Plus next week Andrew and I are starting our fitness training. Now we'll have a healthy morning snack before our run or bicycle ride.

Our training was supposed to start last week, err...or the week before, but its been non-stop rain here for the past 9 days. So today is the first sunny day...and guess where I am? Work for the next 4 days. Yuck!

When the training starts it will go on for the next couple of months, I'm going to be training and exercising with Andrew. He needs to be in tip top shape for his (possibly) new job in law enforcement. So I'll be his motivator, plus there might be a wedding soon, so I might as well get in shape and eat healthy too.

Berry and Banana Smoothie with Granola*
1 cup frozen mix berries, or fresh
¼ cup soy milk
1 banana, sliced
1 to 1 ½ cups plain or vanilla yogurt
1 handful of your favorite granola (I used Kashi and it was great!)
Honey for some added sweetness (optional)

Toss mixed berries, soy milk, yogurt, and half the banana into the blender. Liquify. Pour into a glass and top with granola, remaining banana, and honey.

*I honestly just eyeballed these measurements, its a much can you really get wrong? :)

Have a beautiful day!


"And so our stories go..." said...

Good luck with your training. I think it's fab that you are doing it together. I'll try the recipe. It looks great.

Room to Inspire said...

Oh, looks fabulous!


Bentley Boutique said...

I love smoothies. Can't wait to try it:) Good luck with the training. Stopping by from SITS

Crissy said...

Sarah, Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest! That smoothie looks amazing and I think we'll have to give it a try in our house tomorrow! Good luck with your training!