The Secret Christmas Competition

So sorry for the lack of posting! But you have to forgive me…its December 1st after all.

My rubber maids and cardboard boxes made it down from the attic within the last few days. The house has been a little bit of a wreck with my entire down stairs filled of boxes. Today is the first day it actually feels like Christmas around here. Despite not having a tree, which is a sore subject in our household at the moment. We finished the outdoor décor (for the most part), next week I’m sure the inside will be finished too.

Our house is the razzle dazzle of not just the block, but our entire gated community. (We have a secret decorating contest going on amongst our neighbors…but I don’t think they know about it yet).

Last year Christmas was just weeks after we moved in, so we barley hung lights. Even then we out did the neighbors. There wasn’t one wreath on a front door, nor a strand of glistening lights. This year we figured there might be some competition, so we planned for a month straight to get everything just right! The exterior is amazing and I still have many other decorations to add. And the neighbors around here, let’s just say they may have a wreath on their door…maybe even a “Happy Holidays” doormat. But before I get a head of myself I guess I can give my neighbors this…it’s only December 1st.



Happy Holidays everyone!