My Morning Place

Caffé Santoro, a place where I find more than great coffee in the morning. A cozy, family atmosphere makes this my favorite morning spot.

Every morning bright and early you will find Mr. Personality himself (and owner) Ken. Who knows all of his regular customers by name and even their drink of choice.

Caffé Santoro crew, they will make you feel part of their little Italian family.

The Italian-esque caffé has walls lined with family photos and local made pastries. Owner Ken traveled to Italy himself to try and replicate the Italian café experience, truly a great spot and a local favorite.

Where does everyone else spend their wee morning hours? ...At home, a favorite bakery or coffee house?

(All photos curtsey of Caffé Santoro - Eikon Photography)


Kelly Muys Wood said...

I absolutely ADORE places like this. To me, they're what make a community. I just spent my morning at one of my favorite places sorta kinda like this; a hole in the wall Turkish cafe by the ocean.

Best darn coffee and crepes in all of South Florida.


Sarah Kate said...

I love the hole in the wall, family style coffee houses. They are the ones I want to spend $4 at…rather than Starbucks.