The First Storm

It has been raining non-stop today, and I’m not talking on and off again showers. The wind is whipping (per 39mph)…I actually had to move my potted plants into the garage. The lights inside have been flickering and my patio is drenched with water (its probably seeping into the garage as I write)!

You’d think I would want to stay inside today and work on some crafts or make a warm homemade soup for dinner. Instead Mr. SK and I went for a drive up to the mountains.

It was very cold out. I’m surprised it wasn’t snowing. We stopped by a friend’s house to get warm by the fire, and then we were off again, traveling through the mountains. The roads were slick and covered in debris, just how I like it.

While traveling through Apple Hill area (a great area in Northern California that has 56 different ranches. From winery’s, orchards, Christmas tree farms, pumpkin patches and craft fairs.) we stopped at Boa Vista Orchard. You’re truly not in the apple hill spirit unless you have a cup of hot apple cider and an apple turn over in hand.

Visit Boa Vista Orchard #3 Online.

And the beautiful flower fields at Bill's Apples #35

So that was our glorious, raining, yucky, wet day. And I loved every minute of it. But sadly Miss Mia did not!

She hates water. Mr. SK and I can barley get her outside to go to the bathroom.

Well happy raining season everyone…up next SNOW!


The DIY Show Off said...

You're crazy! haha Still - everything does look beautiful all soaked. Poor Mia. Same weather and temps here. :( You can have my snow - I'm dreading it! I'm the biggest chicken slippery-road driver ever. I'll stay inside!


Sarah Kate said...

I know I’m crazy, but I couldn’t help myself it was our first “big” rainfall. And yes, I’ll gladly take your snow.