B is for Blue Dresser

Good morning friends, happy Memorial Day! I’m sad to say these past three days haven’t been our traditional Memorial day weekend. Any other year you’d find Andrew and I camping – surrounded by family and friends. However this year I’m 35 weeks pregnant and I’m pretty sure my midwife would be upset if she learned I went camping this weekend. Instead we’re going to fire up our barbeque and have burgers and corn on the cobb for dinner!

Other than our low key weekend activities, we have been determined garage sellers and craigslist seekers. I’ve been watching craigslist day in and day out for a new dresser to put in the baby’s room, but nothing really caught my eye.

dresser before

I found this for $60, all drawers included at a garage sale. The dresser is in really good condition and almost matches our coordinating crib dresser perfectly except the price tag.

young america dresser

After we unloaded our inexpensive dresser I went and looked up this one and saw they’re similar in style. Not that it was my intension!

pinterest dressers

Although my new found dresser is in excellent condition despite a few dings, I’ve decided to give it a coat of color. I’m a new found member of pinterest, and I’ve been pinning all blue dressers insight.

Unlike the china cabinet I’m on an overly packed schedule to get this dresser done in a week. That’s sanded, primed and painted in 7 days. Wish me luck! Happy Memorial Day.


Ada @ New York said...

Cool find!!! I'm looking fwd to seeing it painted it blue!