These Last Few Weeks

I’ve made it to my third trimester, 28 weeks today!


Boy oh boy has this little guy been growing fast these last few weeks. I have heartburn to show for it along with restless nights. However I found some dream cream at a local maternity boutique, mambino organic belly butter and it’s heaven. The cream hydrates my growing belly perfectly and it doesn’t leave an oily residue, plus the lavender and orange scent is wonderful. I definitely recommend the mambino skin care line to any momma’s to be.


Andrew and I have been on the fence about a birthing center and a hospital throughout my entire pregnancy, and I’m happy to report we’re staying with the hospital. The hospital we chose has midwives, which is something I strongly wanted along with a natural birth experience. Plus they have birthing tubs, from what I hear water is like a natural epidural.

Well that’s my baby update! I’m working on a few projects for baby and some changes around the house, I can’t wait to share them with you. Enjoy your week!


Janell @ Isabella and Max said...

How wonderful, this is such an exciting time! Good choice on opting to go to a hospital, sounds like this particular one offers the experience you are looking for within a facility that will be able to take care of the medical needs of you and the baby!

You are nearly there! Janell

Deanna (Silly Goose Farm) said...

Good luck!! My youngest just turned one, no more little babies for me! The cream sounds great - I had a really hard time with stretchmarks when I was pregnant, and it seemed no matter what I did, I still got them. Your hospital sounds great, too! I had my kids at a teaching hospital, and also had midwives in attendance. I saw many familiar faces with both deliveries, it was a comforting feeling. I'm sure you made the absolute best decision - good for you! I, like you, also had really bad heartburn, and ice cream was really the only thing that helped :-)

Corianne said...

Yay! So exciting! Both of my sister in laws did (and are doing - one is due this summer!) natural water births... and they said it was the best decision they ever made. I'm on the fence, because I'm such a wuss I can't imagine not having an epidural... but when the time comes, I really hope to suck it up and let nature take its course!

Good luck babe! Keep us posted!

Corianne said...

Oh, sidenote: both of them did natural water births AT HOME... which, I guess is like the big thing now. They have tubs you can set up at your house!

Sarah - Citified Country Girl said...

Thanks for the ice cream suggestion Deanna! I always thought I wanted an epidural too Corianne! Because I'm such a wuss and can't stand any type of pain either. But the more and more I looked in to the natural birth process the more I wanted a natural birth, I figured its something that a we are built for and the pain is for a purpose. :)