I’m out from under my rock! Are you still reading?

These past three months I’ve gone from shocked, scared, stressed to excited…and I’m finally ready to share what has been going on.


I’m pregnant!

We had a chance to see our baby for the first time yesterday! The ultrasound was amazing, he or she was moving all over the place. Grabbing their legs and playing with their hands.

Oh and get this…my due date is July 4th. Before my visit yesterday I was under the impression I wasn’t be due until the later part of July even early August. It was shocking to see that I’m further along than I thought because I haven’t gained much weight. I was waiting for the doctor to say “oh you’ve gained 10 lbs” by how hungry I’ve been these last couple of weeks. I can even out eat Andrew at the dinner table. But you didn’t hear that from me.

I hope everyone enjoys their Christmas, I can’t believe its already here.

PS. I promise, promise to try and post more.


Christina said...

Very exciting, congrats!

Janell @ Isabella and Max said...

Congratulations!! So happy for you and your husband, enjoy this time!

Ada @ New York said...

what a beautiful photo! .. thanks for sharing. CONGRATS to u and ur hubby! how exciting!!