Organic – Plain and Simple

organic food from my pantry

Good morning! Miss me?

See anything in common here? Let me clue you in…everything is organic. For the past two months I’ve been eating organically. And I do have to say I’m very proud of myself. Have you ever considered eating strictly organic food? Sometimes I slip, but for the most part I stick to my plan.

I was hooked after I watched a documentary called food inc. It completely changed me and how I view food.

Many people ask me if my groceries are outrageously expensive, but I have yet to notice a big difference. Do you know how hard it is to find a restaurant that’s organic? Pretty much our eating out days are obsolete, except for rare occasions. So I save money there. I’m no longer buying processed foods, everything is usually fresh produce, grains, or dairy. The only place I splurge is meat! Grass fed beef and free range chicken are expensive but well worth the price.

Have you ever done something completely drastic in your life and thought, ‘how can I ever go back?’.

Enjoy your Tuesday folks!


Interior Design Musings said...

I just found you on Well, your ideabooks (you have a great eye - loved the items you tagged). At any rate, I am following you now! Mandi