This Past Weekend

Guess where my man and I went? Camping, luxury camping that is.

rise of the morning sun

a beautifully laced spiders web in the morning sun

Here is a little glimpse into our labor day weekend.

river bed

We walked in the shallow river bed.

gauge playing in the water


Gauge our black lab loves the water, while our Siberian Husky Bodie wouldn’t set a paw even on a damp rock.

pretty wild flowers and ferns

Beautiful wild flowers of all kinds surrounded our camp along with ferns. I snipped a few for a project.

camp mocha

cowboy caviar

We ate yummy food and drank bottles of wine around the camp fire. Yes, I said “bottles”.

the making of a candle

citronella candle

Citronella candles were made to keep the mosquito’s away.

dirty black lab gone chocolate lab

After three days our puppy dogs were filthy, and I needed a manicure…so we headed home!


Shelle said...

Looks like fun. Hope you got your manicure done. :)
You made your own citronella candles? No way! Gotta share, my friend...

TamStyles said...

those webs!!!! OMG...but other than the pics..never been make me want to.

Christina said...

Sounds like the perfect weekend to me! Great pictures!

Brandy said...

Oh I love camping and it looks like you had such a perfect weekend.

Stopping by from Friendly Friday Follow. I am now following you and look forward to seeing more of your blog.

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Michelle said...

What a beautiful spot to camp! How cool - love those citronella candles! Now I have the urge to pack up and go camping (or at least for a hike) ;)

SITS Saturday Sharefest. Now I'm off to take a look around.

Peace. ;)
Michelle @