Tuscan Red

My candle sticks are in a dyer need of a makeover.

Old black candle sticks = boring

I bought them when I moved into my first apartment. I’ve always found a place for them in my previous homes, but I’m growing tired of them. So lets see if some paint can fix the problem, because I’d really like to keep them!

RugOriginally I was going to paint them a pale blue, but decided a nice Tuscan red would look great.

Plus Tuscan and rust red along with blue are the colors that make up my living room redesign.

This rug has been my biggest inspiration, the Greek scroll is now painted on my accent wall and the rust red is being used throughout the room.

Tuscan Red Texture Crackle

I never tried DecoArt crackle paint before, the results turned out ok. I wish it would have cracked a little more but that’s probably my fault because I didn’t buy the special primer.

Crackle close up!



Shelle @ Dreamy Nest? {not!}* said...

Pretty! I love those big, fat candleholders.

So, there's a special crackle primer? Weird. I think it looks cool. Are you going to leave it like it is or do a do-over?

Sarah said...

I'll probably redo them. Plus once I put them in my living room they really stood out. So I think I may need to find rustier red paint. :)

Michelle said...

Very cool! The red really pops.

I love DIY projects, the best part? If you're not happy with the results you can always try it again.

Peace, ;)
Michelle @ greenearthbazaar.com