Iced Tea and Little Ladies

I’m an iced tea kind of girl! Especially as summer arrives, its my favorite drink on these hot summer days. And its made right on my patio under the warm sun (just like my mom used to make when I was a little girl).

Brewing tea

The only problem is this new Lipton “cold brew”. Yea, you have iced tea in a matter of minutes, but what's the fun in that? I want mine to steep in the hot sun all day.

I looked high and low at the grocery store for the original Lipton iced tea bags and found nothing! Regardless of what the directions said, my tea brewed in the sun.

Iced tea in the garden

Can't have iced tea without some lemon

Ladybug on a pink rose

4-5 hours later, I had a cold glass of iced tea waiting for me in my ladybug garden.

Speaking of which, do you have pest control problems in your garden? My garden is infested with those irritating white flies! They’re small little flies that live under your plants leaves and cause problems. Plus they multiply over night!

Andrew and I tried many different pest controls last year, however this year I’m growing herbs and vegetables…so I want to be more organic. That’s where cute little ladybugs come in.

Ladybug highway

My garden is swarming with them, approximately 1500 little ladies. I picked them up from my local nursery. They’re supposed to eat white flies and many other insects lurking in the garden. I hope they work!

On the bamboo too!

Little ladies everywhere!

Do you have a cold beverage of choice that you make just for the summer? Or an organic pest control remedy? Please share!

Have a lovely afternoon.


lexlocilori said...

Who knew you could buy ladybugs. I have these little rodent things ate every last bulb in my garden this year and I was so mad ;( That was just mean. I also have a severe ant issue in one of my flower beds. They don't really cause a problem (except for biting me when I water). Great pics by the way!

The Simple Life said...

I love sweet tea - I dont' sun brew it but Lipton is my brand - I boil it on the stove, add the sugar and let it cool!

There is nothing better on a hot day in the south than sweet tea on the front porch!

Love your blog! I'm visiting from SITs!

Katie Lane said...

I love ladybugs, hope they eat your flies!! My fav. summer drink is raspberry lemonade :)

Thanks for the good luck wishes!!

Cristin said...

that ice tea looks so good!!!

love those little ladies in your garden too.


Sarah said...


I love raspberry lemonade. I need to try and make some, that is my next attempt I think :)


The Drama Mama said...

sweet southern ice tea, a garden full of ladybugs, and a cute blog.

This is the life! Stopping in from SITS.

Lindsay said...

OOoooooh, girl - I *LOVE* Iced Tea! And I agree, non that cold brew junk, either. Sun tea is the best :)

Love all the pics, can't wait to keep reading around!


Jess said...

Visiting from SITS. LOve that you have a garden- I do too. It is so rewarding- and tastes so yummy! Well worth it!

Mandy said...

another sweet tea lover here ;)

stopping in from SITS, you have a beautiful blog!

Elyse said...

Stopping by from SITS. I am right with you on a nice long-brewed glass of iced tea. With lemon. I set a glass on my windowsill each morning when I wake up and have it in the afternoon.

Shel at Dreamy Nest said...

You really couldn't find original Lipton tea bags? Girl! Where are you? I'll send you some. :) Love the pix and who knew you could buy lady bugs from a nursery??? I'll send you some of those, too. :)

Anonymous said...

I love ice tea - made just like that! It reminds me of growing up. BTW - if you need ladybugs, I have them for free! LOL