Thelma the Trunk

I’m still here, buried in projects and sewing. But I had to stop and take a minute to show off my new craigslist treasure!

For a month or so I’ve had a list of wanted craigslist finds… 1) china hutch / dining room storage… 2) coffee table replacement… 3) desk. So far two of the three have been found, yippee!

I’m unhappy to say that the china cabinet is still in the garage. I’ve sanded the cabinet  however all of the detailed work  takes some time. So, I’m thinking I might head over to the hardware store and fine something to strip the moldings. Has anyone tired to remove a light stain off oak?

 I am happy to say…a coffee table replacement has been successfully found, purchased, and refinished.


For only $20 and a 25 minute car ride I am the new owner of the “Thelma” trunk. She received her new/old name from the yellow stamp. I searched the web to find out just who Thelma was, but found nothing.


DSCN1057The trunk its self dates back to the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. Being near as a century old the inside was in somewhat decent condition. (I forgot to take before pictures) The paper lining was stained and smelly but still very glued on. After a few hours of peeling, picking and sanding every piece was removed.

Then the interior was sealed with a clear gloss and left open to dry, and air out the lingering smell with the help of dryer sheets.



Thelma is now inside sitting in the living room. While I re-do our family room with new pillows, drapes, and accessories.


Have you ever inherited, or purchased an antique and wondered what its previous life was like?


Shel said...

That's very cool! I love antiques. Too bad you couldn't find anything about the previous owner of the truck. It looks awesome!!

Good luck on stripping the stain off of light oak. I'm just getting started on DIY projects, so I don't have a clue. Definitely make a post if you find out - I have some things I'll be prepping soon, too.

Acting Balanced Mom said...

very cool! love the 'thelma trunk' and hope that someday you can find out more about Thelma :) stopping by from SITS

LindsB said...

What great coffee table! I love the history behind it, it makes it that much more special to have in your family room.

Let The Tide Pull Your Dreams Ashore said...

Very cool trunk...I always think about the life the antique has lived! xx

Maria and Michelle said...

So cool! Love the trunk! I bet she has an interesting past :) I am looking for a trunk of sorts for my daughter's dress up clothes - I'll have to check out CL.

~ Michelle @ FTSN