Dressing up the Unstylish

Since the day Andrew and I have moved into our new home I’ve hated our dining room chandelier. Regardless of the wall color or my art that hangs on the wall, that thing called a chandelier stuck out like a sore thumb. The transparent peach and cream glass light cover matched with the iron frame isn’t the look I’m really going for here.


It’s been a year now and that dreadful thing is still hanging there in the center of the room. I’ve always wanted to replace it with something sparkly and new, but everything I dream about is currently out of my price range.

Moving on to plan b. I discovered the glass light covers could be removed once the light bulbs were detached. I spent a few hours googling, looking for ideas and inspiration. I found many revamped chandeliers that turned out amazing. However, I wanted to keep my chandelier revamp cheap and simple.

With that in mind, Andrew and I headed over to Lowe's to scout out some new shades. We were a little disappointed; Lowe's didn’t have quite the selection as they do online. But it was 8:00pm and I wasn’t walking out of there empty handed.

So we found this!

And some of these…

A few minutes later, and the unstylish chandelier is now dressed up with its new shades. I suppose now I can live with it for another year!



Have a great weekend everyone.