Noritake Debate

I'm at a stand still with my inherited Noritake China. Should keep or sell? Right now it is sitting in a cabinet above my fridge, it isn’t a style I’m going for in my dining room. Not that my dining room is completely finish, but if you read my Dining Room Inspiration Board post you would understand. Not saying I couldn’t redo my dining room, it would just be a pain (sigh)!

Plus the china is bad luck I guess you could say. It was a wedding gift from my grandfather to my parents. My parents have divorced after twenty years of marriage, a few years back. But some reason it still holds a sentimental value to me, I just can’t bare to sell it. The reason I’m having a hard time parting with it is because the china was a gift from my grandfather, who is now ill with Parkinson’s.

Now I have to ask my self, is it something I want to hold on to. Of course I could sell it on ebay for a couple hundred dollars…maybe go buy that new coffee table I’ve been eyeing. But would that coffee table hold that same sentimental value in a few years? Probably not! Every time I look at the china I get mixed emotions. I see my grandfather fighting the war in Japan many years ago and bringing home a priceless heirloom. But I also see my parents and their ruthless divorce, the strain its caused on our family. (So, I think I just answered my own question!)

To be continued…