Starting to hit our stride…

Our life has been completely turned upside down, and it’s just beginning to turn right side up again. Many, many things have been neglected…like this blog for instance. But all for good reason!

Spending every waking and sleeping moment with this little guy has been amazing. I couldn’t begin to describe the feeling I get when he looks up at me.


Andrew and I have been homebodies, barely leaving the house despite a few visits to see our pediatrician. Yet, time feels as if it’s flying by me. Baby Everett has gained almost 3 pounds since birth 3 weeks ago! He’s even started to flash his gummy smile.

I’m feeling almost 100%, which is a huge relief. I was prepared for a natural birth, however I was not prepared to handle the aftermath! It felt like a truck hit me, I was practically bed ridden for two solid weeks.

Like I said, things are gradually starting to turn right side up. A daily schedule is forming (which I’m sure will and have already had a few hiccups), and my body is starting to feel like its self again.

Nevertheless, life has been blissful around here!


Corianne said...

Aww, YAY! So good to hear from you! Can't wait to see more pics of your precious little man!