Shopping Bag.

Over the past few months my addiction to Etsy has grown. I’m all for supporting small businesses – in hopes one day, when I can start my own people will support me too.

Here’s a look into my shopping bag…


Yellow topaz earrings from Pretty Petal. Purchased these pretty earrings for a wedding next month!


Antique fishing lures from Vickie's Beach House. These are for the baby’s room, that’s still a work in progress. However maternity leave has been confirmed to start next month, so maybe I’ll get a start on my to-do list.


Vintage cast iron brackets from Assemblage. Yet another project on my to-do list, soon these vintage brackets will be used to support a shelf in my living room.

So what’s in your shopping bag?


Ada @ New York said...

I am ADDICTED to Etsy as well ... sooo many unique and beautiful finds! I often recommend it to clients. Nice to hear that u plan on having a store one day (yaaay!!!). Have u narrowed down what u r planning on selling? I am sure it will be GREAT!

Sarah - Citified Country Girl said...

Ada – My dreams to open a store one day, both on Etsy and one in my town is something I've been working on for a while now. The process has slowed since I learned I was pregnant, but I have hope things will start up again. My list to conquer is big; everything from bees wax candles, screen printed paper goods, to a collection of fabrics hand printed with organic ink and much more in the local store. Thank you for your interest :)