Instant Fleece Blanket

Maybe not instant, but the process only took me a little over an hour from start to finish. You can’t beat that! icon_biggrin

Start off by choosing two different colors of fleece, usually a print and a coordinating solid. I recommend 2.5 yards of each, the one I’m going to show you I only used 2 yards of fabric, big enough to cover your lap while watching TV.

Cutting the Trim

Find an area or table in your home large enough to lay the fabric out flat. Lay the solid out first, I’m using a light pink. Next lay the printed fabric on top. Try your best to line all the edges up, most likely some trimming will be needed. It doesn’t have to be perfect!

Squared Corner

Once all the trimming is finished, at each corner cut out a 5x5 inch square. If you’d like more fringe on the ends cut out a 8x8 inch square or larger instead.

Once all 4 corners are cut, discard the square pieces (or save for another project).


Now the fringe! Cut strips about 1 inch or less thick and 5 inches into the blanket (or 8 inches depending on how big the corners are), starting at the cut out corner. Make sure you cut through both layers of fleece. Once the first side is finished you can start tying them off.

All Most Finished

Take a strip, both layers of fabric and it off like your tying a balloon.

Ta Da!

Its that simple, once all 4 sides are finished you have a warm blanket! icon_wink

I found an easy to follow demo here.

*Find this project linked on Be Inspired at Room to Inspire.


Room to Inspire said...

Great project - these would be great gifts as well! Thanks for linking up to Be Inspired today. When you get a chance, please add a link back to the party. Thanks! Chelsea

LindsB said...

love that mushroom print you found, I think that's the cutest fleece print I have seen!

Nikki said...

So cute and totally my skill level! Love that! Thanks for stopping by my place! Oh, and I am a follower now.

Sarah said...

Thanks for following Nikki!

Shel at Dreamy Nest said...

Hey! Even I could do that - and it's too cute!! Love it!