10 Things for September

Wow! It's September already, where do I begin?

1. New fall wreath for my front door.
2. Find an antique accent chair to reupholster in blue (for my living room).
3. Invite my hunny's parents over for a home cooked dinner.
4. Get out the fall decor, YAY bring on the holidays.
5. Find a way to quit my day job. That should be number one, actually!
6. New hair cut, I'm way over due.
7. Greys Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, and Private Practice...do I need to say more?
8. My six year anniversary. I wonder what the mister is going to do, this should be interesting...be sure to stay tuned.
9. Sell at least two things.
10. Start making new Christmas stockings for my family.